Welcome to the 8th European Geothermal Workshop



 The European Geothermal Workshop is a research-focused venue for students, scientists, and industry members to discuss new approaches, methods, and data pertaining to geothermal reservoirs, geothermal energy exploitation, and related topics. 


We are pleased to announce that registration and abstract submission for the 8th European Geothermal Workshop is now open!


Owing to the extraordinary circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic, EGW 2020 will be an entirely online event and we are excited to invite the geothermal community to take part in this exciting online experiment.

Please read the information below for details about how this conference will be operated.

Dates and time

This year's workshop will take place over two days: 

7 and 8 October 2020

Central European Summer Time (CEST; UTC+02:00)

Workshop format

 This year's workshop will feature:

 Keynote speeches delivered by experienced researchers presenting cutting-edge practices, current research priorities, and the state of the art of specific topics relevant to the geothermal sector. Keynote speeches will be delivered via 45-minute video presentations, with 15 minutes for questions. 

8 sessions centrered around the European Energy Research Alliance's Geothermal Sub-programmes

Assessment of Geothermal Resources

Exploration of Geothermal Reservoirs

Construction of Geothermal Wells

Resource Development

Energy Conversion Systems

Operation of Geothermal Systems

Sustainability, Environment and Regulatory Framework

Computing and Data Management


All accepted submissions will be given equal display/discussion time during the workshop, please see below for more details.


For more information on scheduling, please consult the Workshop program, available under the Main Menu.


 To avoid audio/visual problems during the conference, all participant discussion, including question and answer periods, will occur via text chat.


Participation is free.

However, as server capacity is limited to 200 participants, we ask that all participants register. You can register by following the "Registration" link in the Main Menu, to the left of the website.

Information for presenting authors

This year, there will be no distiction between oral and poster presentations and all presenting authors will be given equal presentation time. 

To facilitate this, we ask that authors submit three separate documents:


1. Abstract (Required):

All presenting authors are asked to submit an abstract for consideration by the scientific committee. Abstract acceptance will be done on a rolling basis and authors will receive a decision from the scientific committee within 2 weeks of submission.

Abstract submission closes September 21, 2020.


Upon abstract acceptance, authors will be invited to provide two documents prior to the conference:


1. Presentation material (required): 

All accepted submissions will be given equal display/discussion time during the workshop. At their appointed time, each author will be asked to briefly present their submission using the text chat function. This brief presentation can be supported by a short slide presentation, text, or pre-recorded video. We ask that all supporting audio be pre-recorded: authors will not be given audio or webcam privileges during the workshop. 

How long will I be given to present and discuss my contribution? The length of the display/discussion time per presentation will depend on the number of submissions; the duration will be communicated to all participants no later than September 30, 2020. Based on submission numbers from past years, we expect each submission will receive 7 minutes of display/discussion time - authors should aim to use 3 minutes of this time to briefly present the highlights of their study.

Authors can upload their presentation material between September 30 and October 5, 2020.


2. Supplementary materials (optional): 

All authors are invited to upload supporting materials to the conference website. These materials are intended to supplement the abstract contents and provide more in-depth context and results. These documents will be accessible to all conference participants and, by default, will be distributed under Creative Commons 4.0 Atrribution International License. Please note that authors may opt to keep copyright. 

Authors can upload their supplementary material between June 8 and October 5, 2020.



Please note that uploaded documents cannot exceed 200 MB.

Key dates

5 June 2020 - Registration and Abstract submission opens

21 September 2020 - Abstract submission deadlin (rolling acceptance)

30 September 2020 - Final notification of abstract acceptance and communication of the length of the display/discussion periods

5 October 2020 - Deadline for uploading Presentation and Supplementary Materials

5 and 6 October 2020 - EGS Authumn school Online

7 and 8 October 2020 - EGW 2020 Online

Workshop organisation

EGW 2020 is organized by the University of Strasbourg / CNRS’ LabEx G-eau-thermie Profonde, in partnership with the Karlsruhe Institutes of Technology and the European Energy Research Alliance.

The Scientific Committee is composed of: Prof. David Bruhn, Dr. Emmanuel Gaucher, Dr. Maziar Gholami Korzani, Dr. Philippe Calcagno, Dr. Alexandra Kushnir, Dr. Jean Schmittbuhl, Prof. Thomas Kohl, and Dr. Markus Lower.

Financial support for this workshop is provided by the Université franco-allemande / Deutsch-Französischen Hochschule.





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